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Welcome to the Chasing Rainbows blog…

November 30, 2008

We’re glad you found us!

This blog began as an offshoot of a film project, a documentary produced by Pat Taylor on behalf of her daughter Sara Taylor Gibson, called Chasing Rainbows: Young Adults Living With Cancer. The film’s official site is here, and you can see an 8-minute trailer below. Since¬†Chasing Rainbows was released in 2007, Pat has screened it all over the world, and in the course of this work has gotten involved in ¬†many other exciting projects within the young adult cancer community. She continues to blog about her endeavours here (scroll down for the latest news!).

8-minute trailer for Chasing Rainbows: Young Adults Living With Cancer:

If you’d like to see the full length (43 minutes) film, you can order a copy of the DVD by contacting: You can also watch it online (in sections) at JimmyteensTV, where it is available in English, with Spanish subtitles, or dubbed into French.


Welcome to the Chasing Rainbows blog!

January 29, 2008

Welcome to our Chasing Rainbows Blog!

Blog Talk! Yikes! How does one Blog Talk? Well, I will take a cue from something my daughter Sara might have said, ” Mom! Don’t think, just do!”

I Do want to bring Awareness to the unique needs of young adults living with cancer.

I DO want to continue to make Sara’s dream come true. “Help make other young adults living with cancer feel less alone.”

I DO want to make the young adults living with cancer, the public and the health professionals and caregivers who care for them know that Sara’s documentary, “Chasing Rainbows – Young Adults Living With Cancer” is available as a resource. ( It’s like the “Coles Notes” for young adults living with cancer. Short, succinct and funny!)

I DO want to hear back from people visiting our website and Blog.

I DO want to keep you posted on where our next “Chasing Rainbows” Tour is going.

I DO want to keep you posted on how our plans are going for the Awareness For Young Adults With Cancer Concert I am producing for either September 2008 or the Spring of 2009.

I DO want to use all avenues of the modern day communications.

I DO want this Blog to help us meet all these goals.

I have read that Rainbows represent; “a bridge between the earthly self and the enlightened self, good news and hope” and that is why Sara and I are Still Chasing Rainbows. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

Pat Taylor