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Be Careful What You Ask For…You Might Get It!

April 24, 2013

In my last blog entry (May 2012), I mentioned that I was exploring the possibility of a transition: changing my focus as an advocate from telling my daughter Sara’s cancer story to exploring and sharing more of my own story as a mother and caregiver.

Boom! Later that same summer, CAPO (Canadian Association of Psycosocial Oncologists) asked me if I would speak on camera about my experience as a parent of a young adult cancer patient, for a new promotional video.

Boom! At the Critical Mass Conference in November 2012, I was asked to contribute to the Huffington Post’s “Generation Why” blog on young adult cancer, again from the parent/caregiver perspective. I’ve since posted two pieces of my own (“To Live, Die or Advocate” and “Reclaiming Christmas“) and also written an introduction for a post by young adult cancer survivor and filmmaker Mike Lang on his new film project, a web series called Valleys.

Boom! In January 2013, CKN (Cancer Knowledge Network) invited me to become Editor of their Caregivers’ Section. To date I’ve posted several pieces (including “Support for the Caregiver: Resources on Film“, “Helpful Hints for the First-Time Caregiver“, and “A Caregiver’s Happy Place“) and facilitated others.

Watch out what you ask for, you might get it.

The exciting news is that this transition allows me to stay connected with my favourite group of people – the young adult cancer community and the organizations and caregivers who support them – at the same time as it helps me to achieve the new goal I have set for myself: to explore, develop and celebrate the voice of the caregiver. One cannot breathe without the other.

So here I am, one year later, marveling at the fact that a change of direction I was unsure about has blossomed into a whole new garden full of possibilities. Gotta love that!

Hmmm, I wonder what is next for 2013/2014…?

– Pat