Welcome to the Chasing Rainbows blog!

January 29, 2008

Welcome to our Chasing Rainbows Blog!

Blog Talk! Yikes! How does one Blog Talk? Well, I will take a cue from something my daughter Sara might have said, ” Mom! Don’t think, just do!”

I Do want to bring Awareness to the unique needs of young adults living with cancer.

I DO want to continue to make Sara’s dream come true. “Help make other young adults living with cancer feel less alone.”

I DO want to make the young adults living with cancer, the public and the health professionals and caregivers who care for them know that Sara’s documentary, “Chasing Rainbows – Young Adults Living With Cancer” is available as a resource. ( It’s like the “Coles Notes” for young adults living with cancer. Short, succinct and funny!)

I DO want to hear back from people visiting our website and Blog.

I DO want to keep you posted on where our next “Chasing Rainbows” Tour is going.

I DO want to keep you posted on how our plans are going for the Awareness For Young Adults With Cancer Concert I am producing for either September 2008 or the Spring of 2009.

I DO want to use all avenues of the modern day communications.

I DO want this Blog to help us meet all these goals.

I have read that Rainbows represent; “a bridge between the earthly self and the enlightened self, good news and hope” and that is why Sara and I are Still Chasing Rainbows. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

Pat Taylor

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